SPAIN’S EL NIÑO LOTTERY: Bilbao wins big

Screenshot / David Alvarez Garcia / YouTube
BIG WINNERS: First prize went to the number 05685

SPAIN’S El Niño lottery has officially been drawn, with first prize going entirely to Bilbao.

Winning ticketholders with the number 05685 will take home prize money of €2 million each for a full ticket, or €200,000 for a decimo (tenth).

Second prize, worth €750,000 per series or €75,000 per tenth, went to the number 18442 and was shared including towns in Asturias, Alicante, Burgos, Granada, Tenerife, Huelva, Malaga, Jaen, Las Palmas, Cordoba, Barcelona, Cadiz, Almeria and Guipuzcoa among others.

The third prize of €250,000 went entirely to the town of Yecla in Murcia as the number 23282 was drawn.

Other prizes included €3,500 (€350 for a tenth) to tickets ending in 4946, 7468; €1,000 (€100 for a decimo) went to tickets ending in 397, 179, 272, 742, 158, 880, 421, 752, 449, 539, 211, 855, 458, 856 and €400 (€40 for a tenth) to tickets ending in 43, 42, 25, 51, 01.

In total, the El Niño lottery has reportedly distributed an estimated €700 million in prize money.


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