FLY-FI? Airports in Spain launch free, high-speed Wi-Fi

FREE Wi-Fi: Spain's airports get fast, ad-free and no-charge wi-fi

SPAIN’S airport operator, Aena, is rolling out its new, free, high-speed internet service.

The new service will be free from advertising and payment options.

Registration will be simplified and will be valid for a period of three or 12 months across all airports.

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Users can register through the LinkedIn and Facebook social networks or the Aena Club Client.

The airport operator has made an investment of €24.5 million euros thanks to an agreement with Vodafone.

In 2015, it introduced a free and unlimited service, but only for 30 minutes, financed with advertising and low speed (up to 2 megabits per second download). In parallel, there was Premium service, without ads and with a higher speed (between 3 and 10 Mbps), that had a cost of €5 euros per day.

Aena acknowledges that the service implemented and operated by Eurona did not work as expected in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

The new Wi-Fi covers the entire Aena network, which consists of 46 airports and two heliports.


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