DON’T BE A DOPE: Police get new drug and alcohol testing vans in Spain

Guardia Civil
ZERO TOLERANCE: The new alcohol and drug testing vans

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil traffic police division has taken delivery of 156 vans equipped for the roadside testing of drugs and alcohol in drivers.

The €6.7milliion investment has been rolled out ‘for the safety of all’ and to catch ‘reckless’ drivers.

The force has also recently taken delivery of 300 new motorcycles equipped with portable alcohol and drug testing kits.


Spain’s drink driving laws are stricter than the UK.

In Spain the legal limit is 0.5mg of alcohol per ml of blood. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the  limit is 0.8 mg  and in Scotland it is 0.5 mg

Spanish law dictates that newly qualified drivers have to adhere to even lower levels.


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