Christmas miracle for 54 rescued migrants

Antonio Pampliega/Twitter
Rescued: A young child is carried to safety

FIFTY-FOUR migrants were brought to Malaga on Christmas Day, after being rescued from the Mediterranean Sea, according to Spanish journalists.

The group, dressed in blankets and lifeguards and rescued by the Maritime Service, were pictured arriving in Malaga on Christmas Day.

Their nationality is unknown and their health has not been confirmed, though they appear to be unharmed in the images.



Christmas raft: A rescue team comes to the migrants’ aid ©Antonio Pampliega/Twitter

Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) have published their latest monthly update on migrant arrivals into Europe, which says Spain has recorded the highest number of arrivals, at nearly 26,000. 


  1. It might be a miracle for them, but for Europe’s taxpayers is certainly is not anything of the sort. They should have been returned to Libya (or wherever).

  2. Shame on you Dave Robinson. Libya is a war zone. Like Scrooge, you would rather save a few pennies than help men, women, children and babies fleeing for their lives. Enjoy your festive season safe in the knowledge that you were not born in Syria or Libya or Yemen. If you had been, you would be telling a different story.


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