Huge store of fake French champagne discovered in Spanish warehouses

National Police
Showing off one of the pixilated fake bottles

WHEN there was a knock on the door of a warehouse in A Coruña, it wasn’t Santa Claus who had come calling but the National Police looking for 20,000 bottles of fake champagne.

The investigation started following a formal complaint from the Committee Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC), which had discovered the sale in Spain of a number of bottles purporting to be champagne and bearing false Champagne Denomination of Origin labels.

Initially 10,000 bottles supposedly from different manufacturers in the champagne region were discovered in a warehouse run by a distributor who had purchased them believing that they were genuine.


By following up information obtained, the officers were able to discover the address of the supplier and found a further 10,000 bottles which were destined for sale in the area of A Coruña as well as Malaga and Ourense.

The owner of the company that supplied the fake champagne was arrested and the goods in the warehouse have been confiscated.


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