Hunt for Barcelona terrorism threat individual called off amid news he has fled Spain

CCTV: Footage of the car driven by El Ouakili Abdelhakim according to the memo

NATIONAL POLICE in Spain have reportedly called off a manhunt for a 37-year-old man after it was initially feared that he had travelled to Barcelona in order to carry out a terrorist attack.

Spanish media reported that police had been warned to be on the lookout for a French citizen by the name of El Ouakili Abdelhakim.

Abdelhakim, who resides in Germany, reportedly visited websites containing terrorist material and a memo seen by Spanish media also allegedly claimed that ‘there is information that this individual is going to attack with a knife.’


But Spanish Police have now tweeted to say that they have called off the search. 

The tweet said: “The alert is off of the presence in the North of Catalonia of a suspected Islamic terrorist suspected of planning an attack.

“This person is already outside Spanish territory.  According to official sources.



  1. Your web site has published an article on 21.12.2017 about my brother EL OUAKILI Abdelhakim everything is wrong without his name.
    You can investigate with the spanish police and with the swiss police, it’s a fake news.
    I ask you to do as your possible so that my brother’s name will not be associated to terrorism, our family is collapsed.

    Best regards

    Nabil EL OUAKILI


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