Spanish mum who lost both legs in dog attack returns home

M. Moralejo/Guardia Civil
SHOCKING: The scene of the attack and (inset) one of the dogs involved.

A SPANISH mother-of-seven who lost both legs after being attacked by her neighbour’s dogs has returned home.

Maria Dolores AB, 82, was savaged by a French mastiff and a mastiff-boxer cross as she walked back from church in Covelo, Galicia.

The brutal incident left doctors fearing for her life after they were forced to amputate both legs below the knee.


She was also bitten on her arms and head, after the animals “completely devoured one of her feet,” a doctor confirmed.

But she has now been discharged after six weeks in hospital, much to the delight and surprise of her children, who say they have been stunned by her good humour.

“I think we are sadder than her,” said son Adolfo, before admitting that he had not heard from the dog’s owner in the wake of the incident.

“I have not spoken with him and I hope I never see him face-to-face,” he added.

The unnamed man is awaiting trial after the dogs escaped his garden, while the animals remain in a provincial shelter and may yet be put down, according to local Spanish media.

It comes after other residents of the tiny hamlet told police that they had previously argued with him over fears dogs – which were not registered – would attack someone.


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