EU too: Uber blow as court says company is taxi service

App off: Uber has been ruled a taxi company

THE TOP European Court has ruled that Uber is officially a transport company and not just a ride-hailing app.

The ruling follows months of controversy in Spain about the discounted ride-hailing service.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision means that the app can now be regulated like any other taxi company.


Spain has recently seen protests about the company in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid.

In late November, thousands of taxi drivers across the country went on strike to demand further regulation for companies like Uber.

The service was kicked out of Spain in December 2014, when a judge ruled they were violating national rules and providing unfair competition for licensed taxis.

But Uber returned in 2016, bypassing the ban by employing professionally licensed drivers.

However, following today’s ECJ ruling, the company could now face further regulation.

Uber has faced months of bad press across the world, for poor treatment of staff and sexual harassment allegations. 


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