Spain is third highest in EU for sparkling wine exports

POPULAR: Cava is a popular Spanish sparkling wine

SPAIN had the third highest amount of sparkling wine exports in the EU, according to figures released by Eurostat.

According to the figures, Spain exported 168 million litres of sparkling wine in 2016, approximately 23% of the total EU Member States exports.

Ahead of Spain were France (172 million litres) and Italy (335 million litres), with the three combined equating to a staggering 91% of the overall EU Member States’ exports.


The front three were followed by a distance by Germany in fourth position (32 million litres), and Latvia (8 million litres)

A total of 744 million litres of sparkling wine were exported by the Europen Union’s Member States in 2016, 62 per cent of which went to other Member States. 


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