Spanish drone rules rolled back

Lonely Planet/Twitter
Droning on: The unmanned crafts have a number of functions

THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT will press ahead with controversial plans to relax drone regulations in the country.

New laws will require security checks and authorisation to let the small, unmanned crafts be flown at night and in particular areas, but current restrictions will be relaxed.

Previously, enthusiasts were not allowed to fly drones in the evenings or around buildings, towns and crowds.


But after presenting a safety study and gaining approval from the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), professionals will now be allowed to use the machines in the previously restricted areas.

Operations in controlled airspace will require additional authorisation.

The new law, approved on Friday, also requires minimum design requirements and pilot training.

According to AESA, almost 4,500 drones are registered in Spain.

This summer, the government announced plans to use drones to combat wildfires, according to The Local.

Drones have a number of other functions, including photography, surveillance and leisure, but some fear they could be used for more sinister purposes. 



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