‘Oldest man in the world’ celebrates 113th birthday in Spain

STILL GOING STRONG: Francisco Nuñez Olivera, pictured in 2014, celebrated his 113th birthday on December 13, 2017

WIDELY regarded as the ‘oldest man in the world’, Spaniard Francisco Nuñez Olivera, has celebrated his 113th birthday.

Known as Marchena, Francisco Nuñez Olivera was born on December13, 1904 in the village of Bienvenida in Extremadura, western Spain.

Marchena has fathered four children, has nine grand children and 15 great-grandchildren and currently lives with his eldest daughter Maria Antonia who is 82.


He is also Spain’s oldest war veteran, having reportedly fought in the Rif War during the first half of the 1920’s.


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