Huge protest against water shortage problems across three provinces in Spain

Twitter / @RosaRodaNews
DEMO: Thousands turned out to protest about the water shortages

THOUSANDS of farmers and irrigators from the provinces of Murcia, Alicante and Almeria have demonstrated in Murcia to demand solutions to water shortages.

They have said they will not stop protesting, ‘even if it rains cauldrons’ until there is a ‘definitive and long-term solution’.

The PP, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos political parties also joined the mass protest to demand the dismissal of water authority officials.


Organisers claimed  20,000 people joined the demonstration.

They have demanded that the production of the desalination plants is maximised, all the irrigation systems are modernised and fair tariffs are applied, not only for irrigators but also for domestic and industrial consumption.

The protest concluded with the distribution of citrus fruits and vegetables to raise the awareness of the water shortage problem amongst the public.


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