Another outbreak of poisoning of cats in Cordoba upsets Spanish animal lovers

Asomadilla ayuda animal Facebook
Just one sad example of the poisoned cats

AN animal protection group has highlighted the fact that another six cats have been poisoned in the Asomadilla Park in Cordoba.

The Federación de Asociaciones Protectoras de Animales de Córdoba (FAPAC) has filed a complaint  with the prosecutor’s office as this is the latest of a number of attacks on cats in the 27 hectare park.

Earlier this year, more than 40 cats were killed leaving just 12 alive although they had quickly started breeding again and had grown to a colony of between 30 and 40 before the latest poisonings.


The group suggests that there has been no formal investigation into these regular poisonings and wants the authorities to take action, not just because of the killings but because of the apparently indiscriminate use of an unknown toxin which could also hurt children.

FAPAC also claims that there is no official interest in controlling these colonies of cats which should be captured, sterilised and released rather than leaving the care of the felines in the hands of voluntary groups.


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