Another huge cocaine seizure, this time in the Port of Valencia

Guardia Civil
Minister Zoido inspects the drugs

ANOTHER 520 kilos of cocaine worth €18 million have been seized bringing the total in the past 15 days to six and a half tonnes of coke and 331 kilos of heroin.

According to Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido the latest haul was discovered in Valencia in a container supposedly carrying almonds on board a vessel travelling from Long Beach in California.

It is understood that the ship stopped at a number of South American destinations before heading for Europe and the minister underlined the fact that more than 800 containers had been inspected, as well as the movements of different companies that made shipments from several ports in Latin America.


He praised all of the government agencies that had worked so hard during 2017 to seize a record amount of drugs of all types and to break up a number of dangerous smuggling cartels.


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