WATCH: Street brawl sparks crackdown in La Linea

Scenes of the brawl

FOLLOWING a major fight in the Plaza Cruz Herrera last weekend, Local Police in La Linea de la Concepcion will increase their numbers on the streets.

Whilst there was no obvious reason for the fight which started in the early hours of last Sunday, a number of people were involved in attacking each other and chairs and tables were thrown around indiscriminately.

It was only after the combined efforts of the Local and National Police assisted by the Guardia Civil that the brawl was brought to an end and a few injured individuals were given medical treatment.


In view of the seriousness and unexpected nature of the outbreak of violence, the mayor of the town has announced that an additional five officers of the Local Police will patrol the streets supported by the Rapid Intervention Unit in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

Discussions will take place between the authorities and bar owners who have been granted a two hour extension on their opening hours in order to try to ensure that any new outbreaks of this type are quickly reported and controlled.


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