Spanish law to consider animals living beings not things


THE Spanish Congress is set to debate whether to change the way the law considers animals.

The Partido Popular will bring forward a proposal to consider animals as living beings rather than things, in order to give them more rights.

A spokesperson said the reforms would be “similar to French and Portuguese” law that, among other things, will stop the ‘repossession’ of animals when debts need to be settled and ban extending mortgages using pets as capital.


He added that it would give animals “more protection” and also warned that it “implies more responsibilities for animal owners.”

 It would also introduce the right of custody in the event of divorce, where a judge would decide who would take care of their pet or even allow shared custody, “taking the animals wellbeing” into account.

The Parliamentary Association for the Defense of Animal Rights has encouraged all MP’s to vote in favour of this “historic step forward.”


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