WATCH: Protesters clash with police in Cataluña over museum artwork removal

Clashes between police and protesters

PROTESTERS at the Lleida Museum clashed with police as 44 pieces of artwork were controversially being transferred out of Cataluña.

According to reports the problems occurred when police attempted to clear space for the artworks to be moved to Aragon.


The Mossos d’Esquadra also reportedly did not allow the mayor of Sijena, Angel Ros, into the building and many are claiming the Spanish government are abusing their powers since activating Article 155 and seizing control of the region.

The pieces were bought by the Catalan government in 1983 for 10 million pesetas (roughly €150,000), however judges ruled the sale void and ordered their return.


  1. If the Catalan governnment purchased these paintings in 1983 then how can madrid flounce in there and take them after all these years. This government is a bunch of thieving hypocrites

  2. Clear-cut example of how Catalan independence manipulates history to paint itself as the victim
    Nuns sold tombs paintings even doors lived in monastery til 1970 But after leaving continued selling artworks to Catalan government 1983-1994
    High Court of Huesca province upheld 2015 ordering works be returned. Claim is legitimate and Catalan government is to comply ruling. The treasure was never taken away from Catalonia, rather taken from Aragón


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