These little piggies went to Alicante

Pigging out: One of the images of the animals with the rubbish.

IMAGES of a group of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs eating from rubbish piled on Alicante streets has sparked outrage from a local politician. 

The Popular Party’s Municipal Group spokesman, Luis Barcala, warned that the situation risked violating the minimum requirements of public health, according to Spanish media. 

Pigs are shown grazing on bags of rubbish strewn on the roads, in a neighbourhood which is also home to a local cemetry.


Mr Barcala also described the photos as “unimaginable” and “absolutely incredible.”

He called on local authorities to act quickly to clean up the area and criticised local mayor Gabriel Echavarri.

He suggested that local residents deserved – and were promised better – and that the scenes could impact on the area’s tourism industry. 

The pigs are thought to originate from a private pet collection but they are now increasing in numbers.



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