Sniper shoots two people in Costa Blanca

Stock picture of an air rifle

A WOMAN has been arrested in Santa Pola after allegedly firing a number of shots and injuring two people.  

The 35-year-old was already known to the Guardia Civil as she possesses a criminal record that includes a previous prison sentence.

The incident unfolded after two people were walking along a street in Santa Pola when all of a sudden they were both hit by pellets… but were initially unaware about what had happened.  


In the first case, a 43-year-old woman told the Guardia Civil that she heard what she thought was a firecracker going off and thought nothing of it.  

She felt an intense pain in a toe on her right foot but continued on her way home because she found nothing  wrong and didn’t bother going to the medical centre.

The second victim of the sniper was more serious, being a 14-year-old teenager who was shot in the head and had to be rushed to Elche General Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the lead shot.

Fortunately, in the latter case, the boy’s father had seen everything unfolding and had spotted a woman leaning over a balcony with what he believed was a firearm.

Officers from the Guardia Civil immediately obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s address where they found under the kitchen table a spring-loaded rifle and a box of 5.5mm pellets matching those found on the roads and pavements where the incidents took place.



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