Archaeological treasure trove found by Valencia builders

Flesh on the bone: The woman is thought to have been 25 when she died

BUILDERS in Valencia were shocked to their bones when they found an ancient skeleton, and what is believed to be a Roman perfume shops and burial site.  

Grupo Comatel workers were preparing to install a lift for a new hotel, but instead made a number of unexpected findings, which archaeologists believe could be significant.

The remains of the young gothic woman were found alongside what experts think could be a Roman perfume shop and an ancient Visigoth burial site.


The Visigoths were a Germanic off shoot of the Goths, around towards the end of the Roman Empire.

Believed to be 25 at the time of her death – between 250 and 750 BC – the woman´s body could be part of a wider grave system near the city´s Plaza de Manises.

In a separate discovery, Roman structures and a number of glass bottles led archaeologists to suggest that a Roman perfume shop was also located in a similar area. Further tests are required to confirm the theory, which dates the would-be market at around 300 AD.

The head archaeologist, Maria Luis Serrano Marcos, told Spanish media: “The point where it is located, next to the forum, in the center of the Roman city, makes us think it is a perfumery.”


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