Complaint filed against nightclub’s ‘sexual games’

STRIPTEASE: Images were shared on social media

A TOWN HALL in Spain has made a complaint about a nightclub in its town for alleged ‘sexist and violent behaviour’.

Rosa Melchor,  the mayor of Alcázar de San Juan, in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha has filed a complaint after a well-known nightclub in the town staged games of a sexual nature including striptease for prizes.

Some of the scenes from the night have been shared through social networks where you can see a topless group of girls on stage.


The mayor has said the council will take measures “whenever something like this happens in this city.”

“We have initiated a dossier that was unanimously approved in the council meeting to require the person responsible for this party, the owner of this club, to see what happened.

“Of course the ultimate goal is not only to find out what happened but to prevent it from happening again.

“In Alcázar this behaviour this behaviour will not be tolerated, neither in that nor in any other place.”


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