Spain leading fight against ocean plastic

Spanish Embassy
Tied up: Spanish delegates with IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim (second from right) at the London summit. Credit: Spanish Embassy.

SPAIN is leading an initiative to take action against plastic pollution affecting sea creatures.

According to the country´s embassy in London, they are seeking global approval to deal with plastic litter’s impact on marine life.

Worldwide, plastic in the ocean is leading to the deaths of sea creatures who ingest tiny particles of the material.


Scientists believe that plastic is now so widespread in the oceans that it will remain in the food chain for decades and could affect human health.

Plastics also often trap animals and impact tourist hotspots.

Spanish delegates have spoken at an ongoing International Maritime Organisation (IMO) summit, which focuses on climate change and sustainability.

The embassy said Spain was leading an IMO initiative against marine plastic pollution and that they were “seeking enhanced Assembly’s commitment” on plastic marine litter.

 In October, Spain became the 32nd country to sign up to the UN Clean Seas campaign, which aims to “turn the tide on plastic”.

Plastic use continues to grow dramatically, with some 8 million tonnes being discarded into the oceans each year, according to the UN. 


Standing to attention: The Spanish tag is conspicuously upright. Credit: Spanish Embassy.






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