Police smash Costa Blanca drugs ‘family’

HAND GUN: The weapon seized by police.

Police have smashed an Aguilas drugs ‘family’ and seized a huge stash of drugs, cash, cars and other valuable goods. 

The Guardia Civil of Murcia say they have arrested 12 gang members – some from the same family – on suspicion of drug trafficking, possession of weapons and money laundering. 

Around two kilos of marihuana was seized alongside a small stash of cocaine, according to Spanish media.


The authorities also reportedly took possession of €10,000 in cash, four cars, a motorcycle, numerous jewels, a semi-automatic pistol, several boxes of ammunition and mobile phones.

Four Spanish family members – two men and two women, between 25 and 35 – were arrested. Eight other Spaniards, aged 25 to 52, were also detained, while a further two people are believed to still be under investigation. 

Police enquiries have been ongoing since June, when the Guardia Civil suspected a link between the family and widespread drug trafficking.  

Two brothers are thought to be at the centre of the operation, which brought in around €10,000 a week in drug sales. 

Around 50 police officers were involved in the four-house bust, which also required the go ahead of a local court. 

The gang were believed to be operating a sophisticated network of informants to keep their activities hidden from police. 


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