Police dogs sniffs out €200,000 of ‘savings’

Policia Local Alicante
FOUND: Canine unit strikes lucky at Alicante bus break.

A DOG unit of the Local Police in Alicante has helped in the arrest of a man caught in possession of €200,000 hidden in a suitcase.

The 27-year-old Frenchman was a passenger on a bus that had stopped for a short while in Alicante bus station en route from Barcelona to Marbella.

During a random patrol by the specially trained sniffer dogs, the man’s case was picked upon and police boarded the bus to ask for the owner of the suitcase on board the bus to make themselves known.


When nobody claimed to be the owner, the police made all the passengers leave the bus to identify their own luggage in the hold until only the suspect was left.

Police then instructed the man to open the suitcase, initially suspecting it may contain drugs due to the reticence of the man, and so were taken by surprise when they discovered 25 packs inside a raffia bag stuffed full with euro banknotes.

The French national said he was justified in carrying that amount of money as it was the savings from the owners of a bar in France.


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