Prison sentence for child abuser


A MAN has been sentenced to two-and-a half-years in prison for child abuse.

Murcia’s provincial court, based in Cartagena, passed sentence on the man for a series of abuses that occurred over a couple of years when he took advantage of being alone with a young boy.

The case goes back to the summer of 2009 when the abuse first began and the child was 11-years-old and lasted until he was 13.


During that time and as a result, the victim began displaying signs of antisocial behaviour and an increasing poor performance at school with led to his delinquency.

The abuses took place both at the home of the boy and that of the accused – none of which have been released to preserve the anonymity of the victim – and involved a series of intimate touching and other sexual abuse when the child’s mother left the house.

The court was given evidence of the allegations that were taken into account in sentencing by way of a recording that included the boy being heard as well as the boy’s mother and another relative.

The defendant was also heard in the tape and acknowledged his part in it. In addition to the sentence, the man has been ordered to pay €18,000 to the boy in the form of an indemnity plus interest accrued since the original complaint was filed.

He has also been barred from communicating or approaching the boy in any form for a period of five years.


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