INNOCENT: Man accused of dragging dog behind his vehicle released by police

Guardia Civil
DRAGGED DOG: Driver told police he was not aware that the dog was tied to the tow ball

THE man arrested by the Guardia Civil for alleged animal abuse for dragging a puppy behind his vehicle for 10km has been found innocent and acquitted.

When officers stopped the Suzuki all-terrain vehicle on the A-8201 near Jimena de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz in Andalucia earlier this month they found a German Shepherd puppy tied by its hind legs to the tow ball.

As the Euro Weekly News reported at the time the driver of the vehicle told officers that he was not aware that the dog was tied to the tow ball. He claimed that someone had done it ‘as a joke’ after celebrating a Halloween night party.


And when he drove off in the morning he wasn’t aware of it until he was stopped by the Guardia Civil officers more than 10 kilometres down the road.

The claims of Francisco Quirós Ocala, better known in the municipality as ‘Pacurro’, appear to have been true.

It is believed that the already dead puppy was tied to his vehicle by ‘persons unknown’.

Police investigations continue to find the culprit.


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