Police pounce on Almeria poachers

Guardia Civil
NO LICENCE: Poachers shot and beheaded wild goat.

POACHERS who killed a wild goat and took its head as a trophy are facing prosecution.

The three men had no hunting licence and hadn’t even properly sealed the head when they were stopped by the Guardia Civil in Tabernas.

Guardia Civil officers on anti-poaching duty in the desert terrain grew suspicious when they saw a vehicle pass by without its lights on, despite it being nightfall.


They were able to follow the vehicle using the intermittent flashes of its rear brake lights as a guide.

The van was pulled over on the AL-3103. Inside were three men, two in full camouflaged hunting gear. There were binoculars and live ammunition on the seats.

Inspecting the van, police found two rifles and the decapitated head of a Spanish Ibex, also known as an Iberian wild goat.

It was still stained with blood and improperly secured for transport. Checking the men’s documentation, police found that they had no permission to hunt in the area, no hunting liability insurance, or even a generic hunting licence.The rifles were legally owned.

All three men were reported for poaching offences and will likely be fined. The Guardia Civil officers confiscated their trophy.


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