Mother jailed for killing baby in Costa Blanca

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JAILED: Katharina Katit-Stäheli (inset).

A SWISS mother who kidnapped her 10-month-old baby son before slitting his throat in a Costa Blanca hospital will serve 11 years in jail.

The verdict by an Elche jury comes after the requested 17-year sentence was reduced because Katharina Katit Stäheli, 43, suffers from a mental disorder which “impeded her judgement and made her believe it was the only way,” a court statement said.

Her son was born with hydrocephalus, a condition which causes fluid to accumulate in the brain and the head to increase in size.


She believes the condition was caused by an oral medication she took without knowing she was pregnant, having always sworn by natural remedies in the past.

When the infant was born she rejected medical solutions offered by a Zurich hospital and stole her husband’s car before fleeing her homeland to Alicante.

An international arrest warrant was issued by Swiss authorities and the woman was later spotted in a Torrevieja shopping centre by a Spanish citizen who had seen her photo on the television.

After being held by police she was taken to hospital for checks on the child, and once there requested that she be allowed to bathe him.

But once alone she produced a kitchen knife from her handbag and stabbed her baby in three places before plunging the blade into her own neck in a failed suicide attempt.


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