Europe’s largest man-made beach to be built in Spain

Grupo Rayet
Computerised images of what Alovera Beach will look like

PLANS to build Europe’s largest man-made beach in Spain have been approved.

Construction firm Grupo Rayet has been given the green light to build Alovera Beach in the Spanish mainland, around a 45-minute drive away from Madrid in the municipality of Alovera.

The €15.6 million project will boast a 25,000-metre-square lake and a 15,000-square-metre white sand beach and is expecting to receive 250,000 people a year.


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©Grupo Rayet

Grupo Rayet’s computerised images of what the project will look like also show an area for sailing and even has space for water slides.

Users will be charged €10 a head to use the facilities, which is expected to be ready in three years (2020) according to Grupo Rayet president Felix Abanades.


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