Spain’s new national team shirt causes controversy

RETRO: The new kit, modelled by Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata, reportedly pays homage to the World Cup kit in 1994.

ADIDAS have caused controversy among Spanish social media users after many claimed the new Spanish National shirt contains features resembling the flag of the Second Spanish Republic.  

The shirt, released by Adidas online on Monday, will be used by the National side at next year’s World Cup in Russia, and reportedly pays homage to the shirt worn by the Spanish side during the 1994 USA World Cup.

The dominant colour of the shirt remains the usual red, while a new multi-coloured stripe appears down the side; a feature many claim bears resemblance to the flag of the Second Spanish Republic.


One twitter user reportedly said: “Boycott the republican national team shirt. Spain is a monarchy, not a republic,” while another asked, “I guess the Spanish Republic is back?”

Adidas claim that the stripe is blue, not purple like that of the flag, and according to the RFEF’s official website, the kit “sums up the courage and the red fury. It presents a different and dynamic graphic design consisting of red, yellow and blue diamonds, which represent the speed, energy and style of football that is associated with the Spanish national team. “

The Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed in 1931 and lasted until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936, with many in modern Spain associating the “tricolor” flag of the Republic with the political left.


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