Hate crime probe launched in Spain after women in burkinis thrown out of public pool

Stock image of a woman bathing with a burkini on

AN ANDALUCIAN council has launched a hate crime investigation after two women were told to leave a public pool for wearing burkinis.

A municipal pool in Granada allegedly ejected the two women despite the facilities allowing the use of the swimming garment.

The councillor for Human Rights, Accessibility and Education for Granada, Jemina Sanchez, said the department was made aware of the incident over social media and then opened an investigation when a written complaint was filed by a witness.


She added that if nothing is done about these sorts of actions “we are looking the other way and allowing hatred to grow from our silence.”

 “We work hard to clarify so that there can be no doubt that we do not allow attitudes which can promote hatred,” Sanchez said.

While burkinis are permitted in municipal pools, dresses and other full length garments which can be a danger to swimmers by getting stuck in filters are not allowed.


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