Electricity bills in Spain surge by 12% this year


THE average electricity bill has gone up by 12 per cent this year compared to 2016 according to official figures.

Bill payers, on average, have seen prices rise up to €71.49 in October, increased again from the previous month’s €66.76.

According to officials, low output from hydroelectric plants due to low water levels has forced companies to use coal and gas, which is more expensive, making electricity prices go up.


Only 7.5 per cent of Spain’s energy has come from hydroelectric plants this year compared to 15 per cent in 2016.

Companies have also raised their prices as part of their service adjustments which has brought in €511 million so far this year. 

Spain’s average bill is however lower than the UK’s, which is around €99.6 a month according to official figures. 


  1. If you compare bills using the same consumption a house in Spain consuming 5000 kw/year (416 kw/month) will pay approximately 1225 euros annually IVA included.A house in the UK on a standard BG tariff will pay only 950 euros for the same 5000 kw annual consumption. Spain is one of the most expensive countries for electricity in Europe and the main companies rip off the consumers with any excuse to raise profits and make the fat cats fatter.


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