Third of northerners and Midlanders in UK don’t know where Spain is!

SPAIN: 'X' marks the spot!

NEARLY a third of people in the north west of England and the Midlands don’t know where Spain is  on map, if the results of a new survey are to be believed.

The two regions scored worst in an online quiz that was put together to discover how well people in the UK know – or perhaps, more accurately, don’t know – Europe.

Not only did 30% of respondents not know where Spain was but 20% didn’t know where France was either and 10% struggled to place Ireland.


On average, people in the UK got just 6.5 out of ten answers right. 

Men scored slightly higher than women, getting an average of 1.1 more questions right.

And older people scored higher than their younger counterparts.

So, did you pay attention during your geography classes? Try the quiz to see how well you can do!

How Well Do You Know Europe?


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