Wealth gap exposed in Almeria


THE wealth gap between municipalities across the province has been exposed in a new report. 

Mojacar, Almeria City and Carboneras have the richest inhabitants, while Los Velez and Oria have among the lowest average incomes.

The report from the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) analysed median incomes in 53 of the province’s 103 municipalities. The 50 excluded have minor populations, often with less than 1,000 people.


Across the board the Almerian average take home income was €16,524 per year. Households in the capital had the highest average at just under €20,000. They were followed by Carboneras, Huercal de Almeria, Mojacar and Roquetas de Mar. 

Tourism is considered key to raising average incomes, except in Huercal de Almeria which has strong industry and an expanding professional class. 

In contrast, Oria, Lubrin, Abrucena, Finana, Gergal and Canjanar, all have average annual incomes of less than €12,500. Maria in Los Velez is the lowest at €11,586. 

Compared to the rest of Spain, Almeria Province is at neither the top or lower extremes of wealth. Almeria city is the 718th wealthiest municipality in the country, while Maria occupies the 2,897th spot on the national ranking.  


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