Hopping mad! Spanish Playboy bunny robbed in Madrid

Wilma Gonzalez/Instagram
UNAWARE: Wilma Gomez(right) was targeted by a pickpocket.

A SPANISH glamour model has been robbed after having her clothes cut open in Madrid.

Wilma Gomez, 33, was at a train station when she realised that a brand new, high-end mobile phone and $600 USD were missing from her jacket.

“I went to buy a ticket and when I put my hand in my pocket there was a big hole,” she said. “It’s a very busy place and because I’m so clueless I thought I had lost my cell phone or my money, which I was going to exchange for Euros.


“They literally cut my clothes!”

But it was not all bad news for the 2007 Miss Playboy Spain, who currently lives in Chile, as the stunner revealed that she was visiting her home country for a festive photo shoot.

“I’ll be on the cover of the Christmas edition of Playboy,” confirmed the Mallorca-born bombshell. “The first time I did it was in 2008.”


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