WATCH: Reckless lorry drivers arrested after shocking overtaking videos emerge

Facebook / Víctor Ruiz
SWERVE: A car coming from the opposite direction is forced onto the hard shoulder to avoid a collision

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil has arrested two truck drivers after videos of their frightening overtaking manoeuvres emerged on the internet.

The drivers of the heavy goods vehicles put the lives of other drivers – and their own – at risk on the busy N-II in Zaragoza.

Police officers have now identified the two individuals from the video recorded by another trucker Víctor Ruiz.


The first video was filmed on the N-II at km 383, heading in the direction of Barcelona. A lorry overtook another just before a solid white line (no overtaking) ahead of a reduced visibility curve.

Vehicles coming from the opposite direction had to brake and take to the hard shoulder to avoid a head-on collision.

A similar scenario was played out in the second video – with trucks coming from the opposite direction having to take avoiding action to avoid a crash.

After studying the video the Guardia Civil arrested two men, a 45-year-old Ecuadorian and a 58-year-old Romanian.

Both are accused of driving recklessly and could face prison sentences of six months to two years and the withdrawal of their driving licenses of between one and six years


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