Iberian lynx caught in illegal trap saved from agonising death in Spain

Agentes Medioambientales de Castilla-La Mancha
TRAPPED LYNX: Without food or water

ONE person is being investigated after  environmental protection agents found an Iberian lynx suffering in an illegal trap in Spain.

It is believed the lynx, which is a protected species and at risk of extinction, had been in the trap for several days without any food or water.

It was freed from what would have been an ‘agonising death’ by environmental agents and technicians from the Iberlince program in the Montes de Toledo in the Castilla-La Mancha region.


The Agentes Medioambientales de Castilla-La Mancha  are reminding the public that these  methods of capture are illegal and are seeking help of the public to report them and remove them.

“We ask all those persons who know of the use of any prohibited means, such as traps, ties or any similar means of illegal nature, to inform the Environmental Agency, either through a call to 112 or via any of our agents or offices.”

“With the collaboration of all we can create a secure future for our species of protected fauna, among them the Iberian lynx.”


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