Hooters to open first ‘breastaurant’ in Spain


CONTROVERSIAL US restaurant chain Hooters is coming to Spain.

The raunchy brand is famed for its chicken wings and beer served by young waitresses in revealing outfits, which have earned it the self-proclaimed ‘breastaurant’ moniker.

And with more than 430 eateries in 28 countries, the first Spanish Hooters will soon open in Castelldefels, Barcelona, according to the company’s Facebook page.


Hooters has come under fire for objectifying women due to its compulsory barely-there orange-and-white uniform consisting of tiny shorts combined with a cleavage-enhancing vest top, while the logo features an owl with its eyes replaced by nipples.

In the US, it has attracted further criticism for promotional events including staff beauty pageants and calendars with photos of girls in various states of undress, while female applicants are reportedly asked to reveal their measurements during the interview process.

It comes as Director of Operations in Spain, Julio Arias, moved to dismiss claims that the restaurant was forced to seek an alternative to its original site in Viladecans after being slammed by feminist groups, insisting that the switch was due to “space issues.”


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