UK couple claim £2,000 holiday in Spain was ruined by bed bug bites

BED BUGS: Third most common plague in Spain Credit: Shutterstock

A RETIRED Merseyside couple claim they were left looking ‘diseased’ after being bitten by bed bugs at a four-star hotel in Mallorca.

Sue and John Berry say they were left covered in bites and red marks  during their two-week holiday on the Spanish island last year.

The pair say they are ‘mentally scarred’ after red marks started appearing on their bodies just three days into their stay.


Mrs Berry said, “It was my husband’s first holiday away in ten years and within a couple of days it was ruined. 

“I had bites all over my body and he had them on his legs. They were on my neck and chest – we looked like we had a disease. 

She said, “We asked to move rooms and they said the hotel was full and it wasn’t possible. 

“I spent most of my 14-day holiday running to the chemist for bite cream and sitting in the hotel reception as the sun irritated the bites.

“I am now paranoid about bed bugs and this holiday has left me mentally scarred for life.”

The couple say complaining at the hotel ‘go them nowhere’ and since returning from the trip  they have been ‘passed from pillar to post’.

Mrs Berry said, “I’m at my wits’ end. We have done everything they asked, filled out all the forms and it just feels like we aren’t being taken seriously.”

A spokesperson for holiday company Tui said, “We’re aware of the situation and are investigating the matter as a priority.”



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