Police seize €2 million cocaine stash after high-speed car chase


SPANISH police have seized €2 million worth of cocaine after a high-speed car chase that began in Villena on the Alicante-Madrid motorway.

The police were conducting routine security checks in Villena on Sunday afternoon when the driver of a black Seat Leon sped straight through the checkpoint.

The car raced off down the E903 motorway towards Elda and police officers immediately gave chase. Several police cars pursued the culprit and allegedly fired their weapons into the air in an attempt to stop the driver from fleeing.


The high-speed chase went for more than 20 kilometres and only ended when one officer rammed his vehicle into the side of the car when they reached Elda. The police car was destroyed in the collision but no one was seriously hurt.

Police arrested the 53-year-old driver and discovered ten kilos of cocaine stashed inside the car, which was estimated to be worth around €2 million on the black market.

The culprit was taken back to Villena, where he remains in custody, as officers further investigate where the drug stash came from and who it was being delivered to. 


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