Gibraltar macaques monkey around for Halloween

Blair Drummond Safari Park
Halloween fun as macaques monkey around in Scotland

HALLOWEEN came early for a troop of macaques who emigrated from Gibraltar to Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland  in 2014.

Getting ready for a special Halloween weekend prior to closure for the winter, the management of the Blair Drummond Park placed pumpkin heads throughout the park and in the case of macaques, they made sure that the 28 monkeys were kept interested as their favourite nuts were placed inside the pumpkin heads.

The only problem was that the macaques were so intrigued by these additions to their environment that they kept trying to run away with them.


The monkeys breed at quite a considerable rate and only a certain number can be accommodated on the Rock, so it is not uncommon for groups of this endangered species to be sent to zoos and safari parks around Europe.


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