Brits in Benidorm wreck hotel room and get banned from flight home

Twitter / Callum Millar
SMASHED: Morajda and curtain rail

A GROUP of Brits on holiday in Benidorm have posted a shocking video of some of their drunken exploits on social media.

The four from West Lothian in Scotland were thrown out of their hotel after being filmed swinging from a curtain rail, riding naked in a lift and throwing items from their balcony.

Callum Millar, Stuart Morajda, Jordyn Gill and Scott Cull went on a lads’ holiday to the Costa Blanca but Scott returned home after just 16 hours in Benidorm.


Millar, 23, shared footage of his best friend Morajda, 21, on social media showing him swinging from a curtain rail, which snaps off the wall and he falls to the floor.

One the last day of their holiday the lads group were thrown out of the hotel after Jordyn Gill, 25, allegedly threw belongings from the balcony.

EasyJet refused them boading on their return flight to the UK after some of the group were rowdy and shouting.

They had to book alternative flights home with Flybe at a cost of £450.


  1. I agree with Ellie they should be locked up what a degrace
    Not all English people are like that but we all get tared with the same brush
    Totally out raged get all ife lads would you do this in England
    I don’t think so idiot’s


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