Man arrested for breaking into FIFTY Spanish hotel rooms in Brit holiday hotspots

Guardia Civil
The man who broke into 50 hotel rooms

A BURGLAR has been arrested on suspicion of raiding 50 Spanish hotel rooms in the popular tourist hotspots of Ibiza, Mallorca and Barcelona.

The 24-year-old allegedly used a combination of fake homemade key cards and electronic locks to break into rooms to steal laptops, watches and mobile phones whilst holidaymakers were out.



The homemade device he used to break into hotel rooms. ©Guardia Civil

He elluded capture after being caught red-handed by hotel staff in Magaluf.

Officers later apprehended the suspect, and linked the items he allegedly stole with reported thefts in Palma, Magaluf and Barcelona.

He has been charged with 50 thefts but the investigation is ongoing.



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