WATCH: Bathers ordered from sea after ‘shark’ spotted in Mallorca

Facebook / Palma Aquarium
JAWS: Rescuers grapple with the 'shark' at the water's edge

BATHERS in Mallorca were ordered from the sea and the emergency services swung into action to rescue a ‘shark’ that was spotted near the water’s edge.

A jetski, inflatable boat and specialists from Palma Aquarium were called in to deal with the two-metre long ‘shark’.

Bystanders could be heard shouting, “Watch its mouth!” as they grappled with it in the water.

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But onlookers watching the drama broke out in applause when the ‘shark’ was captured and they realised it was only a plastic one being used in a training exercise.



  1. And compensation for the elderly man who suffered a heart attack, and the distress to the children . . . ? When there is an exercise the public should be told.


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