WATCH: Bathers ordered from sea after ‘shark’ spotted in Mallorca

Facebook / Palma Aquarium
JAWS: Rescuers grapple with the 'shark' at the water's edge

BATHERS in Mallorca were ordered from the sea and the emergency services swung into action to rescue a ‘shark’ that was spotted near the water’s edge.

A jetski, inflatable boat and specialists from Palma Aquarium were called in to deal with the two-metre long ‘shark’.

Bystanders could be heard shouting, “Watch its mouth!” as they grappled with it in the water.


But onlookers watching the drama broke out in applause when the ‘shark’ was captured and they realised it was only a plastic one being used in a training exercise.



  1. And compensation for the elderly man who suffered a heart attack, and the distress to the children . . . ? When there is an exercise the public should be told.


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