EXCLUSIVE: Benidorm ‘wanted’ crash driver held by police

Robert Ribbon
WRECKED: But the driver escaped without serious injury.

A man wanted by police has been held in the wake of a spectacular car crash in central Benidorm.

The shocking incident was witnessed by Euro Weekly News reader Robert Ribbon, who was sitting in his car on Avenida Rincon de Loix. 

“A 4×4 collided with a van on the rear corner, hit a motorbike and rider, and then smashed into a number of motorbikes which were parked up.


“It continued for around another 100 yards and hit a tree on the left hand side before coming to a standstill.”

WEB help

A man attempts to help the driver ©Robert Ribbon

Emergency services said the driver was not seriously injured after being pulled clear of the vehicle via the windscreen.

WEB ambulanceEmergency services transferring the driver to hospital ©Robert Ribbon 

He reportedly tested positive for alcohol after being rescued by firefighters, and had a search and capture warrant for unconfirmed crimes outstanding on his name.


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