Ryanair postpones no wheelie bags in cabin rule


LOWCOST airline Ryanair has announced they will postpone some of their new baggage rules to the beginning of next year (2018).

The flight carrier originally planned to implement the new regulations on November 1, which included having to pay €5.50 for priority boarding in order to take a wheelie bag into the cabin.

A Ryanair spokesperson said the delays were to allow passengers “more time to familiarise themselves with the changes.” The new rules will come into force on January 15.


The reduction in checked-in baggage fees has already been reduced from €38 to €28, and the allowance increased from 15 to 20kg to encourage travellers to put their luggage in the hold.


  1. Why would anyone use this airline? As a service provider their task is provide service to the passenger, not make life as hard as possible and after taking your money, treat you like dirt.


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