Motor homes plague Costa Blanca beach

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MOTOR HOMES have once again descended on the Playa de los Locos beach in Torrevieja, which has become an unofficial camping site for more than 30 vehicles.

In 2016, the city council tried to persuade tourists not to use the area to park their caravans as it doesn’t provide the necessary services and they are taking up a significant amount of space. 

They also promised to put up signs demonstrating where it is forbidden for these campers to park, but these have yet to materialise. 


According to national traffic regulations, owners of caravans can park where they choose so long as they don’t block the area around the vehicle with tables, chairs or other obstructions.

Allegedly, most are parked within the boundaries allowed by the regulation, but some are believed to be spilling over into prohibited public spaces.

As there are no specific parking areas for caravans in Torrevieja except private campsites, parking by the Punta del Salaret cliff has become popular due to its strategic location by the Playa de los Locos beach.

The recent good weather is also believed to have encouraged the increase in numbers, which now amount to more than 30 caravans.

However, although the tourists are very mindful of the environment, the spot has become crowded with visitors who often stay for weeks.

Local media sources claim the majority of these visitors are international, often Dutch, German, British or Swedish retirees who are exploring Spain.



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