Operation Smurfs sees Guardia Civil go nuts in Valencia Spain after 100 burglaries

Guardia Civil
Some of the recovered weapons

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil have arrested 21 people and seized goods worth €60,000, weapons and more than two tons of almonds.

There has been a major crime wave in the Valencian areas of Comarca de la Hoya de Buñol and Camp del Turia which saw more than 100 burglaries and had terrorised the entire community.

Of the 21 arrested, 11 of them were under the age of 18 so are considered minors and those detained were split between Bulgarian and Spanish nationals with seven women involved.


Those involved were part of a loose association which was involved with breaking and entering into properties, cultivation and sale of drugs, theft of almonds, theft of animals and electricity as well as keeping a hoard of weapons.

The head of the gang decided upon targets for the minors and carefully studied the coming and going of various business owners and residents so that they were often able to break into properties knowing that the owners were away.

Among items recovered, many of which will be put on show to the public for identification, are mobile phones, tablets, televisions, laptops, e-books, play stations and games cameras, computer equipment and other electrical equipment.

In addition, officers recovered bicycles, jewellery, watches, baby chairs, wheelchairs, weapons and forty-four sacks containing two thousand three hundred kilos of almonds. 


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