Hurricane Ophelia expected to hit Ireland and then move on to Scotland over next 24 hours

All Travellers To Ireland Require Negative Covid Test
Aer Lingus aircraft at Dublin Airport

THE expected course of Hurricane Ophelia will take it across all of Ireland and then on to Scotland and there is a warning from the UK Met Office of possible danger to life.

In response, the Republic of Ireland has deployed its army in anticipation of the need to assist following potential power cuts, fallen trees and blocked roads, whilst schools in both the Republic and Ulster are being closed for the day.

Flights have generally continued as normal early today (Monday) but it is expected that there will be widespread cancellations at Dublin Airport whilst Belfast will decide as Ophelia draws closer.


In addition both Aer Lingus and Ryanair have separately indicated that they intend to cancel certain flights and travellers heading in or out of Ireland would be well advised to check regularly to see whether their flights will be taking off.

By the time that the hurricane heads towards Scotland, it is expected that it will have lost some of its force and will be downgraded to a storm although there will still be sufficient power to cause damage.


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