UK insurance cheat with bad back caught out on TV doing bungee swing in Spain

Channel 4
COACH TRIP: Noreen Murray does a bungee swing in Spain four days after claiming work injury for a bad back

A UK insurance cheat who claimed she was left bedbound with a work injury was caught out when she was filmed doing a bungee swing in Spain just four days later.

Cleaner Noreen Murray, aged 31, claimed she had suffered a severe back injury that left her bedbound for two days and unable to walk or stand for than 30 minutes after lifting a heavy laundry bag.

Her claim against her bosses for the work injury amounted to more than £21,475 for loss of earnings and damages.

But just four days after she claimed to have suffered her injury she was filmed in Valencia, Spain doing a bungee swing for Channel 4’s reality show ‘CoachTrip’

At a hearing at  Manchester Crown Court, Murray, from Salford, admitted fraud by false representation.

She was given a 10-month jail term suspended for two years and was ordered to be electronically tagged for four months and ordered to abide to a 8am to 8pm curfew and pay a £100 surcharge.

Her lawyer Michael Balmer added: “She does have a bad back, previously stemming from an earlier injury and she does have health issues and she is the mother of young children.”

Judge Martin Rudland told her: “This is a very unfortunate chapter in your life and was a foolish enterprise.

“I suspect there was a minor injury caused by a slight event at work involving your back but a scan showed that there was minor damage possibly from an old injury.

“Yet you went to work and gave rise to a claim. You were always going to be found out. You could have accepted £6,500 instead you proceeded to continue and the costs of the solicitors you involved and the medics was substantial.”

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